Easy to use


Forums.com is designed to be simple-to-use for both forum owners and members alike. There are no complex settings or steps to learn, so a new user can sign up and be participating in your community in no time. As a forum owner you have simple management options so you can spend time engaged in the community, not simply managing it.

Free Forums


The Forums.com forum hosting is offered completely free, with no usage charges, bandwidth charges or hosting charges. Sign up as few or as many users as you like, and have as many posts as you like, there are no charges whatsoever.


Forum Dashboard

Use the straight-forward and intuitive dashboard to both moderator, and manage your forum. Create new forums, change forum settings, moderate forum posts and users all from the one simple interface.

Anti Spam

Anti Spam Protection

All our forums incorporate powerful set-and-forget anti-spam to block unwanted commercial posts and spam, so you can focus on more important things. You also have the ability to flag messages as spam to help the system learn to protect your forum better.


Spelling and Grammar Checker

Make it simple for your users to post high quality content with our built-in spelling and grammar-checking feature.



Change the appearance of your forum and manage the settings that control how community members interact with your site.


Use Your Own Domain

Using a CNAME you can make your forum appear as if it's hosted on your own domain, rather than as part of forums.com - that way your visitors will never feel like they are leaving your site.

Other features

Much more...

Forums.com includes many more features such as in-line moderation, topics subscriptions with e-mail notification, topic tagging, ability for members to ignore other members, RSS feeds, unlimited forums and sub-forums, Facebook integration, themes, and more!